About Astrata


Astrata New Zealand Ltd designs and develops advanced location-based IT services and solutions (telematics) that combine GPS positioning, wireless communications (satellite or terrestrial) and geographical information technology.  Astrata New Zealand Ltd is part of The Astrata Group which is a global organisation that sells and maintains telematics units around-the-world.

Astrata solutions enable businesses and governments to monitor, track, trace and control the movement and status of machinery, vehicles, personnel or other mobile or non-mobile assets.

Astrata has designed, developed, manufactured and currently supports eight generations of telematics systems with tens of thousands of units deployed worldwide.

Business Strategy

The increasing availability and affordability of microelectronics has revolutionised the Telematics business.  No longer just providing a “dot on the screen”, telematics today provides business unprecedented opportunity to refine and manage their efficiency.  This include the economic and technical performance of their most valuable assets along with the behaviour and safety of their personnel.  As new positioning and wireless technologies have been introduced in recent years, Astrata has grown by incorporating them into its product line to meet the expanding market for wireless and location-based technologies. Today, the Company is leveraging its eighth-generation platform (the Astrata-GLP) and has the unique ability to provide the lowest-cost protocols and customized applications “to meet the needs of major companies, regardless of their business sectors or multiple geographic locations”.


Astrata grew out of the burgeoning Telematics industry developed in the 1990s.  The Astrata company was created in 2004 through the purchase, consolidation and re-branding of three of the world’s leading GPS and telematics companies. Astrata has grown by incorporating new technologies into its product range that address ever-expanding market needs.

These technologies have resulted in tremendous organic growth and the creation of a world-class, international organization. Astrata’s location-based products and services are sold globally from offices in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. These products and services are much in demand by companies, governments and institutions throughout the world to monitor, trace and control the movement and status of personnel, vehicles, machinery or other assets.