Personal Tracker – portable and compact high performance

Astrata’s GLP50E Personal Tracker is a portable, compact high performance GPS tracking device with an integrated GPS receiver enabling real time tracking.

The small and compact unit, the size of a small mobile phone, is ideally suited for a variety of applications where individuals need monitoring or tracking or may need assistance due to their isolated location or potentially vulnerable situation.

The device sends alerts in the event of an emergency to location servers, to a predefined email address, to any number via SMS or emergency voice phone call. Alerts include, Time, Date, Speed, Heading and Location of a person in distress.

Astrata’s innovative solutions have established themselves as the leading choice for Government and Commercial organizations throughout the world making the GLP50E suitable for VIP/personnel security as well as police and military applications. The device also lends itself to use by the elderly, young and physically challenged as it can be discreetly placed in or attached to an item of clothing or on a neck strap.

Technical Specifications

GLP50 Brochure