Fleet Management

It’s about maximising the productivity of your vehicles while eliminating unnecessary cost and wasted time, giving you the right information in the most accessible format.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is understanding how hard your assets are working for you, and having the right information to hand in the most accessible form to improve on their performance. It’s about maximizing the productivity of your vehicles while eliminating unnecessary cost and wasted time.

Astrata offers the ideal fleet management tool. It provides a complete portfolio of reports, both textual and graphical, allowing you to see how your vehicles and drivers are performing - both retrospectively and in real-time.

Its remote diagnostics are second to none, thanks to its built-in CANbus interface, it includes the ability to communicate with the unit and check up on the performance of individual systems.

The detailed street-level mapping feature allows you to monitor performance in relation to location, environment and terrain. Whether it’s simply to ensure trouble-free day-to-day operation or to support a more advanced condition-based maintenance regime, it can be invaluable to monitor the performance of vehicles remotely, while they are actually out in the field. If their systems stray beyond acceptable parameters, and are perhaps in danger of failure, you can alert the driver, attempt to correct the problem, or schedule maintenance or repairs in advance.

The Astrata-GLP (Global Location Platform) device captures a variety of information from vehicles, including location, heading, speed, acceleration, deceleration and time. When integrated into the vehicle’s CANbus, it will also capture data from the engine management system. This allows you monitor a range of functions in real or near-real time, including the fuel consumption, speed, RPM and gear selected at any given time. This data can be converted into a ‘virtual dashboard’ giving guidance for future training and staff development.

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