Tracking Key Assets

Today’s political climate, with its growing emphasis on security, makes it vitally important to be able to track the location of hazardous, valuable or key assets. Knowing the location of these goods, and ensuring they remain on designated routes, gives reassurance and peace of mind while they are in transit.

Moreover, knowing the precise location of emergency vehicles can assist in security operations and if necessary disaster management. Astrata’s solution can provide location, heading and speed data for all associated vehicles. The company’s software can also be used to designate approved routes and schedules; then alerts can be issued automatically if they deviate from plan. In many situations you will want to track vehicles, assets or products covertly – perhaps to recover stolen goods or monitor supply-chain performance.

Astrata offers a variety of discreet telematics devices for fitting in concealed locations. They can be either ‘hard-wired’ in situ, or simply placed in a suitable position and used on a temporary basis – ideal for fast deployment and one-off or short-term monitoring.

Once installed, these systems allow assets to be tracked down to street level, which means a complete history of dates, times, locations and speeds can be built up. These records can be ‘replayed’ and analysed later, or used to track the asset in real-time. Against a background of increased security measures, it is becoming more and more important to demonstrate traceability of cargoes and goods passing through given countries. Not only do operators need to track the integrity of loads through to their delivery point; they also need to ensure that goods don’t escape into the ‘black economy’, depriving the host country of revenue.

With Astrata equipment on board – either a fixed unit or a freestanding, self-powered unit – it is possible to provide exactly this kind of monitoring. All aspects of the journey can be covered, including exclusion zones, length and location of stops, and typical truck delay points and rest points. With the fixed solution it is also possible to determine when and where doors are opened, helping to demonstrate load integrity, or to identify possible contraband discharging areas.

Driver performance can have a significant effect on fuel consumption, brake wear, engine performance, maintenance costs and insurance claims, so there are many reasons to monitor it.

The Astrata-GLP (Global Location Platform) device can monitor a whole range of functions affected by driving technique, including location, heading, speed, and acceleration deceleration. When integrated with the vehicle’s CANbus data system, it will also capture data from the engine management system.

This allows the operator to see a record of the engine’s RPM, the fuel consumption, and which gear the driver is using at any given time. More important, this data can be converted into a driver profile report, giving guidance for future training and staff development.

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